Religious Tattoos

It is not surprising that religious tattoos are growing in popularity, given our tattoo choices often reflect our deep, personal values. For our purposes, this category refers to symbolism associated with the Judeo-Christian tradition, i.e. those religions who trace their belief system back to the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament and/or the New Testament (for comparison, see our pages on Spiritual and Mystical Tattoos
Some people believe that those who are truly religious DO NOT get tattoos. After all, the Bible says in Leviticus 19:28 that you shall not "tattoo any marks upon you." Many Orthodox Jews continue to follow this mandate. Others look at the Old Law of Leviticus and understand it as a series of prescriptions that were necessary for the time; but ones that have less relevance in our practices of today (such as "do not wear clothing made of two different kinds of material" or "do not clip off the edges of your beard"). They are viewed as lessons to learn from, not laws to follow.

Christians will generally tell you that the Old Testament provides the history of their faith, but the New Testament - and Christ's teachings - brings a new law. Granted, the New Testament tells us that our bodies are temples (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), but that is referring to sexual promiscuity, and not tattoos. Some Christians justify their tattoos with the New Testament passage in Paul's letter to the Galatians (6:17) where he says that he now bears "the brand marks of Jesus." While no doubt referring to both the symbolic and physical scars he endured as a persecuted follower of Christ, it's important to note that "brand marks" of the time were the tattoos that owners put on their slaves. To bear the brand marks of Christ could be interpreted as the tattooing of Christian symbols to show that Christ is one's new master. As a form of witnessing, tattooed Christians are even invited to join the Christian Tattoo Association (CTA).
Well, it seems that plenty of religious people are willing to take the chance and get a tattoo anyway. Most often, they choose a tattoo that has some religious meaning and symbolism.

Popular Religious Tattoos

  •     Angel tattoos
  •     Cross tattoos
  •     Holy Spirit tattoos
  •     Jesus tattoos
  •     Christian Symbol tattoos includes Alpha and Omega, Sacred Hearts, and more..
  •     Judaic Symbol tattoos
  •     Mary tattoos
  •     Trinity tattoos
We at Tattoo Meanings are not trying to offend anyone with our definitions of religion and/or spirituality. In an effort to keep our pages manageable and our searches easy, we need to use some simple category schemes. While conducting our research, it became clear that tattoo symbols could often be distinguished between those stemming from Judeo-Christian perspectives and those that do not.

Chinese Tattoos

There are many different types of Chinese tattoos. The vast majority of Chinese symbols are made up of one or more of the symbols that are commonly used for words in Chinese literature. The number of Chinese symbols currently in use is said to be somewhere around 47,000. With so many different options available, the choice really becomes what you would like the tattoo to say or mean. There really is an endless assortment of different symbols that can be used to convey a different message. If you are interested in Chinese tattoos, but would like to learn more about the common themes that Chinese tattoos revolve around, you may want to consider the following themes:
Family carries huge importance in Chinese culture. Compared to western culture, Chinese culture is considered to be fairly strict, and much more traditional. This also means that they place added importance on the family unit. A common tattoo for Chinese men to have is a collection of symbols that represent each of the members of their immediate family. While in most of the world this would more than likely refer to the family unit, as in the father, mother, and children, in Chinese culture these tattoos also commonly include grandparents and any other family members such as aunts and uncles who may be close to the family. These symbols may be the spelling of their actual name using the Chinese alphabet, or the individual may choose symbols that he feels represents the spirit of each member of the family.

Another popular form of Chinese tattoo is a popular phrase. There are many different phrases that are commonly tattooed on individuals across the world. However, the most common phrases that are used in conjunction with Chinese tattoos are “achievement”, “amazing”, “enchanting”, “serenity”, and “forever”. This are phrases and symbols that are commonly found being used in Chinese folklore, and have also found their place in modern Chinese society.
There are nearly an unlimited number of options for individuals who are looking to for Chinese tattoo designs. With so many symbols available, finding a way to place them together to create your own Chinese tattoo should not be that difficult of a task. It is recommended that you consult someone who knows the language before tattooing any foreign symbols on you.

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