Friday, June 8, 2012

japanese tattoo dragon

You usually see Japanese dragon tattoos on a “bad guy” on TV. Thing is, Asian dragon tattoos are not really that fresh in terms of design idea. If you check out sample design books in tattoo shops or online tattoo design shops and you will notice that all of them have more than a dozen tattoo designs. Even those shops that print temporary tattoos, they have dragon designs on their sample design books. In the Western world, they are seen as cunning and vile creatures that will do anything and everything to succeed that is why they are usually painted on antagonists on movies or TV shows.
They are usually fire breathing and they are the culprit for a damsel being distressed. But in reality, for the Asian culture, dragons are seen as celestial beings that can control the weather and at times, they are even keepers and guardians of a family. Dragons are kind and warm creatures but at the same time, they represent strength and power hooded with a great deal of humility and wisdom. This is how the Asian culture sees dragons, totally opposite as to how the Western world sees dragons. Japanese Dragon tattoos can be placed in different parts of the body as this tattoo design is very versatile. An artist can coil it all over your hand, arm, leg, he or she can drape it over your shoulders or better yet, he or she can print your whole back with a Japanese dragon tattoos if you want.