Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dragon Tattoo Design for College Girls

There are plenty of reasons why tattoo designs become popular. Maybe a few celebrities get a certain design. Or maybe the tattoo has some cultural symbolism that has been mainstreamed through movies and magazines. It could be simple statement of an entire group of people. Whatever the reason is, certain tattoos have been able to spread like wild fire and as a result have become very popular. This is something that has happened to dragon tattoo designs. There are plenty of reasons why they have become popular here are some of them.
The dragons face was the emperor’s face, the dragons pearl was the perfection of the emperor’s thought’s and commands. The imperial dragon was distinguished from lesser dragons by being the only one with five claws ( instead of four ), said to be derived from the ability of the Dragon King to issue commands by moving in four directions simultaneously while remaining in the center, the fifth direction.