Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dragon Tattoos Top Popular Designs in 2012

As you know 2012 is a year of Dragon according to the Chinese calendar, and dragons become especially popular symbols this year. Dragon tattoos always were made by bright, brave and modern people. Dragons are often chosen by both men and women and the great diversity of the designs allow everyone to choose unique dragon tattoo to reveal his/her individuality and personal character. Such tattoos are always beautiful and attract a lot of attention.

Dragon is the most powerful, beautiful and mysterious creature, known by people from the ancient times but never seen in real world. Dragons are popular characters of legends and myths of many nations, well known all over the world.
And thus dragon tattoos are the most popular designs nowadays, that look attractive both on men and women and a re thought to bring luck, power and wisdom. But before making a dragon tattoo, thing well about it’s meaning. Dragon tattoo connotations can vary
greatly depending on culture and style of the tattoo you choose.
So, first of all it’s important to find out all about the meaning of dragon tattoos. In any case, it’s very useful, because you’ll have to explain the meaning of your tattoo and why you’ve made it more than once. So, there are two styles of dragon tattoos – Eastern and Western dragons.
Western dragon tattoos usually depict a beautiful mythical creature with massive wings, often flying or breathing with fire. It looks extremely powerful and wild. In European mythology dragon is a popular character, often dangerous and clever. And such dragon tattoo usually means power, strength and passion.

Eastern dragon tattoos are totally different both in looks and meaning. Eastern dragon powers all four elements and is practically the ruler of the world. Dragon in the East is often associated with Emperor’s power and is a highly respected creature. Eastern dragons usually don’t have wings, but have long body, resembling snakes’. That’s why such dragon tattoos look wonderful on the back, along the spine. The owner of such dragon tattoo attracts fame, money and success. Dragon tattoo often reveals that its owner has a strong will and character and even is a bit dangerous.

So if you are sure, you want a dragon tattoo here are top recommendations for you:
1. All quality tattoos, and dragon designs are not an exception, are rather expensive. So, it’s very important to choose a good, professional tattoo artist. A dragon tattoo, you are going to make, will be with you for the rest of your life, that’ why it’s worth while to choose a great artist who makes inspiring designs. Your tattoo will say much about you, so try not to look cheap – a beautiful design made by great artist always speak for itself.
2. That’s why to choose the design wisely is so important. If you don’t want look like many other people with a design made from catalog, think well about uniqueness. People usually make tattoos to distinguish themselves from the crowd, but choosing it from catalog spoils all the effect. If you decide to make a dragon tattoo there are two variants  you can either find an artist whose works inspire you, talk to him and order a unique design, but here the coincidence of your tastes is especially important. If you aren’t so sure in the artist’s taste or want to express yourself, your personality and unique character in your tattoo – than internet can help you. You can either draw the design yourself, or find a unique design you can easily modify and adjust to your needs online. If you aren’t painter, to choose and modify a dragon tattoo you’ll like would be ideal.