Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dragon Tattoo

It requires extreme guts to be that crude with one’s body. It started in 400 BC and from than tattoo has been a part of human life. Every tattoo symbolizes a different approach so is of the Gangster tattoo. It has always been man’s nature to make their body look attractive but getting inked with a Gangster tattoo is a different approach, normally they are made by the members of some specific gang or the followers of it. Getting a permanent mark on one’s body is known as way to show a members devotion towards the organization. These tattoos are also known as gang signals as they are a visual way to show affiliation.
From the size of the tattoo to its placing everything is significant. It’s known as the bigger the size of the tattoo the more is your level of loyalty towards the gang. When a gang member gets an ink on a very visible place this shows his/her willingness to show people about the affiliation.

Every gangster tattoo has a different meaning like from a tear drop to a black stone from a Latin angle to Latin eagle every gang varies its image with regard to its name and place of origin. These tattoos also refer to the nature of activities any gang is involved in like from a murder to theft and etc. every gang is involved in a different activity and so is their representation in that particular society. The level of gangs also varies from a country to country like its Australia, North America or France their gangs will vary so will be their tattoos.
For the masses getting inked with a tattoo may be a weird approach but for those who carry one it’s not only an honor but for them it’s like an engraved award on their bodies.