Thursday, August 9, 2012

koi dragon tattoo designs

koi dragon tattoo designs

Dragon tattoos are popular with men because they symbolize strength and power. However, it should be noted that dragon tattoo designs are favored by women as well. This is a mythical and interesting creature that has a great potential for a beautiful tattoo piece. They can be seen inked on the arm, chest, back, rib cage and calf area. They can be the focal point for a stunning full back tattoo design or they can be the star of a full sleeve tattoo design.

Dragon tattoos come in different themes and styles. There are tribal dragon tattoos which are usually inked in black color, the Chinese dragon which is usually seen as a sign of fortune and the fire-breathing Western dragon. There is also the koi dragon which according to Japanese tradition started out as a koi fish and then convert into dragon after successfully climbing the falls at a point called Yellow River. The viking dragon, on the other hand, is originally from the norse mythology and is generally seen as evil.

The dragon is seen as a powerful mythical creature which possesses the wings of a bird and the scale of a fish or snake. In the Western world, it breathes fire and guard treasures in the castle. In the Eastern world, it is seen as helpful and kind and symbol of fortune and wisdom. In early Christianity, it is seen as a creature of ill-omen who brings destructiveness and complete chaos.

Though dragon differs in how they are perceived, it is still no doubt a great image for body art. It can be portrayed in amazing colors and it can be tattooed in intricate details. Inking it on one’s body and putting it to life on the skin can be a delight for a tattoo artist’s creative expression.