Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To examine six types of japanese dragon tattoos

Like the biblical angel Japanese Dragon also carries the symbol of the craft tutor. It provides a protective effect are connected to all with him. Another meaning of the Dragon Japanese in Japan is the authority and power over the vanquished. It bears the symbol of supernatural power and wisdom in Japanese society. The color of a dragon, especially a special meaning assigned. The color of this mythical creature is dependent on their parents.
For example, the medium and small green dragon, and put life and the earth. Blacks average age and wisdom. A yellow dragon represents the eastern direction, while the blue represents west Dragon. The Golden Dragon is considered the king of all dragons represent the goodness, wisdom and skill against all dangers.

Straight from the legendary Japanese folklore Dragon Tattoos is a feast for the eyes of all fans of the tattoo. In addition to the breathtaking beauty of this mystical tattoos look like a dragon, a symbol of prosperity, so much success and source of wealth. Japanese dragon stands before the icon of freedom and fearlessness, which is very charismatic and attractive qualities.

Dragon tattoos can be found for you to be a difficult and uphill. It is the best free sites dragon tattoos to see on the net to get an idea of ​​how best to represent their needs and go with her personality got to get to.

A bit of advice to follow relating to this dragon tattoos is that it is not advisable to ink a tattoo of a dragon in an area directly visible on the skin if you are concerned about their exposure in a work environment. When the dragon tattoos are very colorful, and often disappear when exposed to too much sunlight. This article can help you through the six basic types of Japanese kites in the selection of dragon tattoos, be advised.

1. Sui-Riu is the Dragon King is the master of the forces of nature.

2. Stripped of the Han-Riu dragon is the largest dragon in his career.

3. Ri-Riu dragon is a rare and incredible vision.

4. Ka-Riu dragon is a brilliant bright red, but is small in comparison with others.

5. Is the Fuku-Riu dragon brings good luck and is often found in most of dragon tattoos.

6. Hai-Riyo is a bird dragon and the dragon is more advanced of its kind in the mythical country of origin on the Chinese mainland, and is often known as the Chinese dragon by the Japanese people.