Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Symbolic Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

Everything dragon has meaning. The position of the dragon hold symbolic meaning in any of the three major categories; if descending it has negative intentions, if ascending it has positive intentions.  The color associated with the dragon is symbolic. Blue dragons generally symbolize calmness, still waters, openness and immortality. The meaning of red in dragons can symbolize anything from love, passio
n, sex, fertility, to anger, blood and death. However because of the symbolism of anger and aggression, a red dragon is also seen as a protector.
Mother’s protect children all their lives. It’s a never ending job as enduring and permanent as a tattoo. What a great idea for a back tat.  In the realm of dragon tattoos for women this could be a winner.  A large red oriental dragon twisting around (because of their serpentine shape) symbols of their children or other people they feel protective about. Perhaps you care for other people that need your protection and this is felt deep in your heart; also symbolized with red. Instead of using symbols for your children, consider their names, or a Chinese or Japanese character that represents their individual personality.  Flowers are extremely popular at the moment as the background in dragon tattoos for women.  There is a flower for every month.  Use the flowers that represent the birth months of those who have special meaning in your life.